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Anagram, Text and Code  Analysis
    of Nostradamus' Prophecies

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  Michel de Nostredame
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Resources for Nostradamus' Prophecies on the Great Mutations to affect the 21st Century and beyond.

This site offers FREE ACCESS to my  detailed analyses, methods and results of a  wide range of topics in Nostradamus Prophecies. My Sitemap is given below with links to each page. It shows information about each topic as well.

My book on the relevance of Nostradamus' work to the 21st Century is a collection of material from these web pages and it is available from Kindle (see alongside). These are not free but allow the owner to browse them at their leisure. At present they are only offered on Kindle and you can read part of the material for free. You don,t need a special machine to read them, the one you are now using will do. Kindle offer a free program for this purpose (Use link given in right-hand column.)

The links are provided in thematic groups for easier look-up of topics.

My listing of INDIVIDUAL QUATRAINS is presented on a separate page. Athough my computer analyses have examined every verse this listing  gives access to those that have been prepared for public viewing (See  
Map of Analysed Quatrains)
Kindle Online book now available  (price $US7.99).

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 This  treatment of Nostradamus' Prophecies show the mechanisms by which he encoded them and the major themes he revealed concerning the 21st century and beyond. The stories involve  worldwide floods, fire in the sky and the mutations of church and living things that will irreversibly change the way people live.

It also includes my translations of his Prefaces and shows how they fit into his coding scheme. 

My Novel also available  (price $US3.99).

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This is a fictional story of  Nostradamus youth giving backgound to Nostradamus' developmental years. Nostradamus was born under auspicious  stars i of poliitical, religious, military and economic upheaval. These were exciting times with many strange new events and  many inflential people  predicting the End-of-Days.
Links to my Web Pages arranged by Topic
Note: Recent articles are highlighted in Bold

DECODING :   My Rules, Rationale and  Methods.
Author's Rationale for researching Nostradamus' Prophecies
Allan Webber's rules for analysis of Nostradamus' Prophecies

Anagrams in Ancient Texts : Computerised analysis of Nostradamus, Shakespiere, Dante, Molliere etc

Anagrams in Nostradamus Prophecies- Examples of Code

CODING:    Nostradamus' Techniques, Purpose and Influences.

Nostradamus Astronomy Code
Nostradamus' mathematics and computerisation
Nostradamus' Sephirotic Coding Mechanism in his Prophecies

MAJOR THEMES: Nostradamus' Focus on Mutation, Inundation, Fire in the Sky, Religious War and Religious Differences.
Analysis of Nostradamus'Prophecies on Fire in the Sky
Asteroid Apophis in Nostradamus Prophecies
Nostradamus' Mutations, War, Doctrine and Environment
Nostradamus on the Major War of the 21st Century
Sects and the Seeds of Destruction- Holy Wars 2054CE
Nostradamus Predictions of vast Floods in the 21st century
American disaster in Iran paralleling Alexanders' campaign
Nuclear Industry: Development, Expansion, limitations, Dangers and Disaster

ALLUSIONS: Significant Reference points from the Past used by Nostradamus

Nostradamus Inundation, Nuclear Reactors and  Rebirth Allegories
Inundatory Gods Centuries_I Quatrain_100
Essenes and Enoch

NOSTRADAMUS: Beliefs, Abilities and Associates.
How Nostradamus saw the future
The Metaphysics of Nostradamus
Nostradamus'  view of the Future.

CALENDARY:  Astronomy usage,  Specifically dated Events.

Astronomy as an unambiguous determiner of dates,
Nostradamus' sephirot mechanism dates the 21st C gold fraud..
Genocide in Geneva 2065CE


INTERNAL SOURCES: Nostradamus' Preface for  1555 edition, Epistle for 1558 and  My Analyses

Nostradamus Preface to Caesar
Translation and sectioned Epistle to Henry II
The Meaning of Nostradamus' Epistle to Henry 1558

EXTERNAL SOURCES:   Agrippa, Scaliger, Erasmus.

Nostradamus astronomy sources

Heinrich Cornelius  Agrippa

Erasmus & C.6 Q.100

PERSONS OF INTEREST: People who play significant parts in Nostradamus' Tale.

Persons of Interest to Nostradadamus: Jean Bernuy, Julles Scaliger, Erasmus, Marguerite d'Angouleme' Anne Boleyn.
Nostradamus' sect, patrons, associates and colleagues
Henry IV of France
Martin Luther King's assassination.
Navarre, d'Anguleme lineage from 16th century.
Anne Boleyn and Shakespeare
Jules Scaliger of Agen
Jeanne Albrecht and Shakespeare's England.

JESUS BLOODLINE: The events and debates involving Jesus relation to God as a factor in modern day dissensions.

Gnostics and Jesus Bloodline
Nicea and Jesus Bloodline
Eight verses with the key to the 21st century religious war

   Stories that are not essential to the Major Themes but provide their stepping stones.

Royalty, Leaders, Terrorim  and Anarchists.
 Gold, Silver, Paper Money (fiat) and Bonds.

OTHER TOPICS: Individual Quatrains.

The Beginnings of the Code
Quatrains where anagrams involving Centuries etc sre found
Analysis of religious anagrams in Nostradamus Prophecies.
Nostradamus' name as anagrams in his Prophecies + Jesus Bloodline


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